Faulty Windows Update

I’m sitting here at my computer trying desperately not to lose my mind over its nonresponsive state.  I hate this.  I hate feeling helpless, held hostage by Windows.  When it works it’s great; but my dependency upon technology is more evident than ever when it fails.

Why?  Why am and so utterly dependent upon technology?  Just a victim of the modern world I guess.  But as I think about it more, I’m dependent upon a lot of things.
I’m dependent upon…
My car
My phone
My computer
My Internet provider
My bank account
My refrigerator
My grocery store
My electric company
My local water utility
Even my freakin’ coffee maker!

Geez, it’s like I couldn’t survive for one day without all these complex systems up and running to support me.  And what about my family and my kids?!  How could I provide and care for them?  Am I so ridiculously fragile as a human being that 40 years since birth I still can’t sustain my own existence but a few miserable days?

As I reflect upon humanity over the millenia, regarding dependecy and self-sustainability, not much has changed.  It’s an illusion really that our modern world is more adept at sustaining human life. We need the sun and plants and water and animals.  And we need each other.  Beyond that, we don’t really need technology to live.  We just think it makes our life better.
In truth, we’re all doomed to toil in the mud, whether real mud or bits and bytes mud, it’s basically the same poop.

Still here we are, the victims of our age, held captive in time, forced to labor and fight the battles of our day.  Nothing is this world works right.  Everything is broken.  Our best attempts to improve upon it for these past few thousand years have proven laughably fruitless.

What then shall we do?  Give up?  Join the ranks of the homeless on the street?  Or, just keep plodding along hoping the next update will bring something better.

The wisest dude ever to step foot on dirt said that everything is meaningless and folly.  The culmination of human wisdom says our life is just a lump of clay, or puff of air.  Here for a sec, then poof gone, remembered no more.  Wow, what a drag.  We should just eat, drink, and be merry then.  Fill our appetites now because nothing else matters.
This is human wisdom, or humanism.  Selfish indulgence without regard to anyone or anything.
But thankfully there is wisdom beyond our understanding. Wisdom that gives us a peak at hope.  It is wisdom from God, or literally God’s ways and thoughts.  And the wisest guy ever, did in fact, uncover some of this celestial wisdom for us.  He said that human wisdom ends in our own selfish futility, but there is a higher better wisdom we should aspire to.
He said the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  And we should fear God and keep His commandments, for this is our whole duty or purpose.

First, I’m surprised that’s it.  Guess I was expecting a scroll and not a fortune cookie.  Perhaps some more details would clarify this more.
And better still, something that would help me deal with my anger issues with Microsoft.  But then I go back and ponder this wisest thing said by the wisest of humans: Fear God and Keep His Commandments.  This is our Duty and Complete Purpose.  Hmmm…ok, I suppose this does simplify things a bit.  And I could use some simplification right now.

But how does this help me snyc my phone with my crm?  Well, it doesn’t, but it does help me realize how little that matters.  Soon, I’ll be gone.  Well not here anyway.  I’ll be standing before God my Creator.  And He will ask me how well I updated to the latest versions of Android and Windows. Uh, no.

Instead, he will ask me how well I received His Son Jesus which He personally sent to save me from this screwed up world.  Thankfully I can answer that one.  That one’s easy.   Well, it’s easy if you have acknowledged and accepted and followed Jesus as your Savior.  And thankfully I have.  And hopefully you have too, because accepting Jesus is the best way to follow wisdom and fear God, keeping His commandments, and finally finding some purpose and meaning in this life.

Accepting Jesus may not solve my computer issues, but it does help me understand my computer is not the issue.  Meeting my Creator is the issue.
And did I take Him up on His invitation to be adopted into His family.  That’s the issue.  He sent our older Brother Jesus with a cool invite to join Him in God’s Heavenly paradise.

So I’m saying YES!  Now I realize, my time here on earth is short.  And good thing too, ’cause I hate faulty Windows updates.  And soon this buggy world will be gone, and all will be made perfect.  And everything will work and feel right, and love will reign without strife or heartache.  There will be no more pain or headache.  We will know true peace and happiness forever.

And it’s all waiting for us.  It’s just around the corner.  So come with me and follow Jesus to a much better place with a healthy happy family.
And we’ll just forget all about our worthless technology, ok.

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