I love alcohol

Yep alcohol tastes good to me–beer, wine, mixed drinks, even shots.  Well ok, maybe straight liquor doesn’t taste like a summer’s dream; but the point is I like to drink all sorts of fermented things.  Cause nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day, or a glass of red wine with a juicy steak.  I’m smitten.  However, my fondness of spirited consumption has proven too much for me.  Drunkenness is not really fun, and the hangover especially, is a bitch.  So I can drink just a little and be fine right.  Nope.  Unfortunately, I don’t always stop at just a little.  At times I’ve indulged and born the worst of its weight.

So the last few years I cut way back.  And recently decided to give up adult beverages completely.  I’d like to give some trendy reason to offer like an athlete needing to train, or a movie star needs to stay sober (not sure that’s keeping with recent trends though).  Admittedly my reason for totaling the tea is just that I don’t handle the juice well.  I wish I did, but there’s the truth.  Some guys just don’t drink socially and still be social.  They drink to get drunk, and unfortunately I found myself doing just that.

I’m no saint or social do gooder.  I don’t really care if others drink or not.  Sure there’s harmful social side-effects we can all see; but I believe in freedom more than prohibition.  But inherit with freedom is responsibility.  And despite the industry admonitions to drink responsibly, most don’t, including me.  Guess I thought I was different.  I hoped able to enjoy the bubbly without the bad behavior which often accompanies inebriation.  But I was kidding myself.  And others saw it.

I’d like to say I’m now stocking a dry pantry out of devotion to Christ.  That I’m fasting from certain pleasures to deny myself as Jesus denied himself and instead took up the Cross.  Honestly though I’m not.  Mostly I realized my family needs me engaged.  They need my presence, wits, and love focused on them, and not selfishly spent on my cold one.  You can’t go drinking with your wife and kids and convince them that’s love.  It’s not.

So there’s my naked soul, warts and all, bared in hopes it offers you some courage to deny yourself drink or food which may be causing harm.  We can always justify obliging our vices, but it takes grit to fight those urges.  And many do, including myself.  So if you’ve got a propensity to gluten, I get it.  But there is a way for you to live free of those chains.  Support groups help.  The right friends or family members can help.  And Jesus definitely helps the most.  This is one ride you don’t want to lone ranger.  And thankfully, you don’t have to.  So seek help.  Seek Christ.  And you can live a better life.  No intoxication needed.

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