Iran Nuclear Deal

Obama is the guy who wore a fanny pack in the ‘90s, always brings extra SPF sun lotion to Disney World, and would rather shop for new golf clubs than shoot skeet.  While none of these things are bad, and in fact might look responsible to some, it paints a picture of a modern germaphobe who probably has hand sanitizer stations installed in the Whitehouse.  Obama’s soft touch charisma might make him a well-respected prom date, but he’s also just as likely to get a wedgie from the quarterback.  The point is Obama is no team captain, not even for chess.  His daycare equality is not going to win the respect of the ruthless men at the negotiating summit.  He’s a dweeb at the hold ‘em table who doesn’t realize he’s already lost his shirt.

Iran is playing the president like a fool.  They know Obama loves to talk and make nice.  So they fane acquiescence while preparing the noose.  Iran plays high stakes poker with cut throat determination.  Barack, in contrast, plays like a Vegas tourist.  Iran knows that soon he’ll get bored and head to the bar; so they bet big now to take all his chips.  Sure, Obama’s no dummy.  He probably even knows he’s getting played; but he’s also a prep boy.  What’s a losing day at the table really gonna matter to him?  He’s got 18 holes to play later.

Meanwhile, most Americans and many world leaders see Iran inching dangerously close to a nuclear ace card.  Iran’s brazen attitude will not be stopped by a little UN brow-beating.  Only a US or NATO lead handcuff is going to stop Iran’s power grab.  No amount of tea time conversation is going to make sense to them.  Iran is a playground bully about to terrorize the whole school.  And only a fist to nose beat down is going to put Iran in its place—which is a non-nuclear second world country.

If Obama blunders here, it could be on the scale of Chamberlain with Hitler.  At best, Obama’s precious legacy will be epic foolery.  And a dreadful possibility his contribution to history will be a chilling one-word sentence:  “The American President who started world war three.”  Still, there is hope.  Hitler was KO’d by Churchill.  And Iran has yet to feel Israel’s full wrath.  Like a tested heavy weight, Israel keeps moving and dodging, but at some point may strike the decisive knockout blow.

Thank God for Benjamin Netanyahu.  A modern politician yes.  But he also has the old school guts to win.  And we may need him to very soon, because our team captain is on the sidelines putting lotion on a blister.

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