Song of Hope

Even when you draw me to the fight,
And even through the long and darkest night,
I know that you are by my side,
And I am yours.

Now I know the freedom in your grace,
And you give me the strength to run this race,
And as I put my gaze upon your face,
I’ve got joy.

There’s no doubt this world is not my home,
And sometimes I do feel that I’m alone,
But then I put my hand inside of yours,
And I am loved.

Now you’re the hope of all that I believe,
And my life becomes a dying seed,
That you can grow to bring about your plan,
For you are good.

And now I look to your kingdom’s light above,
A heavingly home filled with your great love,
And soon I’ll see you standing face to face,
For you’re my prize.

And I can tell the whole world this is true,
I take up my cross and follow you,
There’s no one to ever take your place,
For you are mine.

Even if I don’t see what this means,
I now trust in your good will for me,
You’ve got plans that I could never dream,
For you’re my king.

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