What if People knew about my failures

What if People knew about my failures?

Newsflash, they probably already do.  No not all of them, but some people know.  We can’t hide ourselves successfully from everyone.  And especially not God.

So why do we feel the need to hide are failures?  We’re afraid others will think less of us.  Sure.  And maybe they will.  But isn’t it more important what God thinks of us?  He knows anyway.  But He wants us to fess up.  Not just so we can be humbled, although that’s not a bad thing; but mainly so we can be healed.

What if People knew about my failuresConfess your faults one to another so you can be saved (made whole or healed).  Good advice now.  It’s the enemy who wants to keep it all in the dark.  And convince us to hide it all inside.  God wants us to say out loud to Him and ask in Jesus’ name for forgiveness.  And guess what?  He does.  He is faithful and just to forgive us of all our unrighteousness.  Because that what He does.  All the time.  Every time we ask.

So embrace healing.  Confess to God.  And don’t even be afraid to confess to other mature brothers and sisters in Christ.  There’s freedom in confession.  What’s brought out in the light can be healed.  And who cares what others think?  Isn’t healing more important?  Isn’t God’s plan for us more important?

If you’re afraid what people think of you, remember that fear of man’s opinions disables or paralyzes, but God delivers us from that.  He gives us freedom to run with Him in wide open spaces of His Grace.



So, when thinking about confession, and people’s opinions, here’s how it goes much of the time:

1% will make fun of you
1% will judge you
1% will encourage you
97% won’t notice or care

But there’s a 100% chance God will notice, care, and love you, and help you through.

Finally, this joke helps me:

When you’re 20, you care what everybody thinks of you.

When you’re 40, you don’t care what everybody thinks of you.

When you’re 60, you realize ain’t nobody thinking of you 😊

Remember it’s just a joke.  Cause God is always thinking of you, and He’s crazy about you.


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