What's Really Important in Life?

What’s Really Important in Life?

Getting coffee, stopping by the bank, picking up groceries, returning phone calls, paying bills, registering kids for camp, and on it goes; welcome to daily life.  It’s almost impossible to avoid such tasks.  Only the very rich and very poor successfully do so.  For most of us it’s so routine we don’t even question whether our time is well spent.  And perhaps we feel there’s simply no other choice but to tackle the next item on the list.

Yes productivity is good, but quality of life is better.  So it’s worth asking:  How much quality is gained by our quantity of errands?  Or, how have we benefitted from our time invested?  Often it’s not an encouraging answer.  Are we really just hopelessly distracted by daily duties in pursuit of paying the mortgage?  At the end of another month, how have we grown, matured, or developed?  How have are key relationships flourished?

I’m no philosopher monk.  Someone’s got to mow the yard, change the oil, wash the clothes.  I can’t just ponder the universe all day.  But perhaps it’s a matter of priorities.  Is my ultimate priority to have a well manicured yard?  In 40 years will I even care?  And what will I care about in 40 years?  How I kept the house, or how my kids have matured?  Did they play soccer for 8 years, or did they learn how to be disciples of Christ?

How might I take small steps today towards my heart’s true treasure?  What can I take off my list today, and replace it with something worth treasuring a few decades from now?  Perhaps reading the Bible to my kids aloud during breakfast is better than checking email on my phone?  Perhaps making a weekly small group is better than just going out to eat?  Perhaps spending a little time in prayer and meditation is better than going to the gym?

There’s no right answer here.  But when we consider our life’s destination is a result of the millions of small steps taken, it helps us ponder the direction of our steps.  Is what I’m doing now heading anywhere?  And where will I end up if I keep doing this?  Sure, it’s sobering; but, man is it important to ask meaningful questions now.  There is a place for being introspective.  And it’s good to ask God about His will for our life before just taking off.

So then, how might you interrupt your routine today with something eternal?  What moments can you redirect God’s way?  How much time will you spend quiet, listening for His heart beat?  These are worthy questions my friends.  What is your answer?

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